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Realistic dinosaur costume and sculptures

Amusement park good quality equipment

amusement park good quality equipment

Amusement park is a kind of comprehensive entertainment, built in the vicinity of the densely populated cities.Tourism type classification belongs to the theme park, amusement theme park.

combined with the mechanical dinosaur costume equipment, the theme throughout the game.Being able to let visitors have an unprecedented experience, the result is popular in the United States, and then spread to all over the world.

amusement park

animatronic dinosaur rides for kids

Rides in the garden of varied, such as original social simulation dinosaur, the future fantasy, thrilling projects, intellectual games, classic shooting, etc.Some amusement park project is complete, some is given priority to with one or several projects.The most famous amusement parks in the world is built Disneyland in Los Angeles, California, USA 1958.It is a Mickey Mouse cartoon producer Walt Disney’s life’s work, and attract tens of millions of tourists every year.Later, the American southern Florida peninsula and built the same one.In 1983, the third with “Disney” named after the completion amusement park near the city of Tokyo, Japan.Also some amusement park in the large cities of China in recent years.In the future with the development of the tourism industry at home and abroad, amusement park construction will be gradually expanded and perfected.Playground has a lot of that is popular with young people in a roller coaster, and all kinds of amusement equipment,just as animatronic dinosaur ride is a good place for releasing stress, feel stimulation!
Entertainment “musts.Amusement park main amusement equipment includes:
1. Mechanical amusement equipment: a roller coaster, a cable car, simple carousel, luxury carousel, laser chariot, rail train, lifting, control plane, hydraulic, bumper cars, pirate ship, plane crazy car flying,wheel, roller coaster, Arabian flying carpet, wheel, the three dimensional space.
2. The inflatable amusement equipment: inflatable pool, inflatable castle, inflatable maze, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable slides, inflatable swimming pool, inflatable bungee jumping.
3. The water park, water roller, water accumulator boats, inflatable swimming pool, inflatable pool, water walking ball, leisurely wave ball, drifting boat, kayak, hand ship, water bicycle, electric, mobile water park, pedal boat, yacht.



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Our will trade animatronic prehistoric and animatronic creature designs roughly 2000 pcs yearly, the trade marketplaces distribute over 30 nations, in evaluation, we prefer to call them the artwares or handcraft.



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