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Realistic dinosaur costume and sculptures

Amusement park robot dinosaur show

Amusement park robot dinosaur show

amusement park robot dinosaur show

Brachiosaurus (scientific name: robot dinosaur) is a genus of dinosaur lizard foot of the purpose of life in the late Jurassic.and its name is a combination from the ancient Greek “βραχιων” (forearm) and “σαυρος” (lizard) come, because it forelimbs compared to many large hind legs. simulation dinosaur is one of the largest land animals that ever lived, is also one of the most famous of all products. Huge herbivorous, the name of the original intent of the late Jurassic period as “the head of the wrist like a lizard.”
A 25-meter adult dinosaur costume, can be carried to the head position from the ground 13 meters, equivalent to the height of 4 floors.
Brachiosaurus neck by a huge 13 cervical vertebra connection is made longer than the length of one-third. And. like Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus think people have neck can be lifted vertically upward 90 degrees. but newer research shows that they can only be carried to about 50 degrees. However, amusement park robot dinosaur bone structure to support them for a long time looked up.”standard position” on the head and neck is oblique lift.unlike diplodocus head and neck are usually forward Stretch.
amusement park robot dinosaur show

amusement park robot dinosaur show

Not only is the neck. amusement park robot dinosaur seems to be in pursuit of a high. Most sauropods were developed forelimbs than hind limbs. forelimbs is longer, the front foot to foot shoulder 6 meters! Brachiosaurus Latin names, meaning “arm lizard”, Chinese translation of the forearm turn “wrist.” From the tail. hips, shoulder to the neck, the body as a gradually rising slope. his head hanging high in the air, disdain the foot of the earth. Due to the relatively short hind legs and tail. life like dinosaur costume not the same with the hind legs. – in fact do not need to, by virtue of their high head and long as the four legs to stand firmly on the ground. the height of the plant will be able to eat it .



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