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Realistic dinosaur costume and sculptures

Animatronic dinosaur Ouranosaurus sculptures

animatronic dinosaur Ouranosaurus sculptures

animatronic dinosaur Ouranosaurus sculptures

animatronic dinosaur Ouranosaurus

t-rex and raptor

Power 110/220 V, AC, 200-800 W
Control Systems(optional) Infrared sensor / remote control / coin box / button box
Color same as picture or processing with supplied pictures
Size  life size or customized.
Certificate CE,ISO, BV,UL, TUV
Feature 1.Temperature : adapt to a temperature of -40℃ to 40 ℃.

2.Waterproof & weatherproof

Application Real estate opening ceremony

Outdoor/Indoor amusement park

Jurassic dinosaur theme playground

Carnival/Business activities

Restaurant/shopping mall

Educational playground

Road beautification

Dinosaur museum

Zoo Exhibition

TV program

City plaza


Brave monitor lizard

The early Cretaceous period, about 115 million years ago

The southern Sahara Desert, in northeast Niger, Africa

About 24 feet (7 m) long

animatronic Ouranosaurus sculptures was a sail-backed, plant-eating, iguanodontid dinosaur.Ouranosaurus’ sail was formed by long-spined vertebrae in the back bone. The spines stuck out from its back and tail; the spines were covered with skin. The sail was probably used for temperature regulation in the hot, African environment.Ouranosaurus’ skull was longer than other iguanodontid skulls.It had a bit of a crest on its snout, two bony bumps. Ouranosaurus had a flat, wide, animatronic dinosaur Ouranosaurus toothless beak, and many cheek teeth for grinding plant material.


Name Means: “Argentina lizard”

Period: Middle Cretaceous period, about 100-93 million years ago
Where: The Rio Limay Formation, Neuquen Group, Neuquen Province, Argentina.

Fossil Dimension: 38-42 m long
Argentinosaurus may be the largest dinosaur. It was weighted about 80-100 tonnes It had a long neck, a long tail, and a small head animatronic dinosaur Ouranosaurus. Very little is known about this giant dinosaur.Only a few bones have been found, including some enormous back vertebrae (backbones), sacrum (the part of the backbone that is attached to the pelvis), a tibia (a lower leg bone), and some broken ribs. Fossils were first found in 1988.



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