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European paleontology experts think dinosaurs because of bad luck

European paleontology experts think dinosaurs because of bad luck

New research view, meteorite impacts the rare earth astronomical disaster if delay for millions of years, the dinosaur could complete the evolution steps, not necessarily will be lost.
Beijing, July 29 (Reuters) , according to British media reported Wednesday, a new British study says dinosaurs 65 million years ago in the late cretaceous extinction after encountered meteorite strike earth, completely is because of “bad luck”.


British scientist points out, was catching up with the dinosaur meteorite crashed to the ecological environment in the most “fragile” period, makes the dinosaurs became almost doomed.
The worst time
Of the university of Edinburgh in Scotland at the brookings Sartre Dr. Dinosaur extinction event, it can be said to be a “perfect storm”, that is, almost all bad luck out together, was catching up with the dinosaurs and the ecological environment in the most vulnerable period.

After there is evidence that, even in the meteorite crashed before coming to a lot of dinosaur species have begun to die;So some scientists question, if there is no meteorite crashed, whether dinosaurs will naturally go extinct gradually.
However, more and more experts believe that the earth’s atmosphere warming, sea level rise, volcanic activity and frequency is increasing indeed cause some herbivorous dinosaurs began to extinction, but there is no sign that the meteorite crashed before dinosaurs faced comprehensively the fate of extinction.
New research suggests that if the meteor millions of years earlier or later hit earth millions of years, most dinosaurs might have survival and may even have been ruled the earth today.
Bloom, said Dr Sartre before the meteorite crashed in 5 million, the period of the ecological environment condition is much better, animal and plant species are more various, food is also very solid, it is difficult to cause extinction for a natural disaster.Also, if the meteorite crashed for millions of years later, dinosaurs and ecological environment evolution will also have the opportunity to restore more diverse.
He pointed out that the dinosaur has to survive on earth evolved in 160 million, during which there are giant natural and this disaster, and often survive, dinosaurs did not face the survival crisis.That is to say, if the meteorite crashed a change in time, dinosaurs may still in “rule” the earth.
In Britain, the United States and Canada dinosaur 11 senior experts participate in the above research results have been published in the latest issue of biology academic journal “biology review (” in Reviews”).
Human Gospel?
Scientists, of course, also pointed out in time, although the meteorite crashed to the extinction of dinosaurs, but without the mass extinction of dinosaurs, mammals, including later, may make disappeared from the earth, because they can’t compete with dinosaurs, could not have reproductive evolution to date.
Bloom, said Dr Sartre if not the dinosaurs died, there would be no human now, because mammals in the world of dinosaurs dominated evolution doesn’t have a chance to grow.
In addition, the brookings Sartre Dr Also believes that if the dinosaur really has been evolution to now, is likely to evolve into intelligent life.
Question the voice
At this point, a professor at the university of Cambridge stopper, conway morris theory agree with blue Sartre;But he doesn’t think dinosaurs will rule the earth today.
Conway morris, says professor even without caused the extinction of meteorite strike, dinosaurs are still just like any other species in the natural evolution gradually dying.
He believes that in a world of dinosaurs dominated, other species under huge pressure to survive, are more likely to step in the evolution of wisdom and the ability to use tools.
“From that moment on, the dinosaur is doomed to die,” said professor conway morris.
Not all scientists support Dr Bloom Sartre’s theory.Many people point out that although the brookings Sartre’s new theory makes sense, but the results did not convincing proof if the meteorite in advance or delay hit earth dinosaur we can continue to live.
Butler at the university of Birmingham, says Dr Argument can’t time travel back to ten million years ago the meteorite crashed to early late whether still can cause the extinction, but they agree that the dinosaurs living environment is poor.
The British museum experts believe that the debate only determine a little, is that dinosaurs won’t because of upheaval in the earth’s natural environment, but due to the astronomical disasters.




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