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Realistic dinosaur costume and sculptures

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We have 10 years experience professional Animatronic dinosaur factory.Our products include:jurassic Robotic T-rex, Simulation raptor,Giant Mamenchisaurus,Life size diplodocus puzzle, Realistic Mechanical walking dinosaur,Fiberglass dinosaur Triceratops etc.


Our team discuss with researchers from Dinosaur Museum about every detail of dino design – from skin’s color, texture to roaring sound and type. This confirms that each Animatronic Dinosaur is made with the most precise data available and is based on the informed opinions of experts.

Driven by imported engines, our animatronic dinosaurs are able to move fluently, quietly and in realistic orbits that vary in speed.


Animatronic dinosaurs production technology: 1, technical characteristics, key technologies and key technology: (1) technical characteristics The company the technical features of intelligent simulation dynamic dinosaurs mainly include: mechanical shaft and connecting rod, gear and shaft connecting rod using the data in the object of the integrated use of object, Angle and geometry of object processing, effectively solve the special variable speed rate of difficult moves.(1) (2) the key technology and key technology in sensing detector and provide effective pager induction information collection system, the key to the microprocessor continuous path control, electromechanical integration control device control sound effects, the action is more sensitive, more simulation imitation.The leading technology in the international science and technology novelty search, action is more sensitive, more simulation imitation.(2) the skin of simulation dinosaur skin to adapt to the temperature range under – 20 ° C – 50 ° C can use for a long time and keep its soft elastic performance.Water dynamic dinosaur can implement freely, in a sealed extent do the actual use of reliable detection, electricity is 12-24 v low voltage plus double leakage protection devices, participation is safe and reliable to the human body.3, put the location: museums, parks, scenic spots, science and technology museum, hotel, square
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Aniamtronic dinosaur features

Dinosaur costume


– Walking Dinosaur Costume! – Performer wear dinosaur costume to surprise visitors. Dinosaur costume prop is available for ceremony and festivals etc., shuch as hallwoeen, christmas and curiosity show etc. Sudden surprise must shock people…… Best exhibiting prop!
– Custom Backgrounds and Colors – You could assign background images on per section bases. The theme will also allow you to layer multiple background images. You could also specify the position, alignment and repetition/tiling of the background, it is totally up to you.

– Type: Dinosaur costume(Legs Visible Dinosaur Costume)
Original size: acoording to the dinosaur
Product Size: 4.2 meters(length)
Weight: within 20kg
PRICE: USD2880-3980(Leave us a mesage for detailed information and price)

Interactive Dinosaurs

Wonderful WALKING DINOSAUR EQUIPMENT for kids. Kids can ride dinosaur and make it walk. Through bar, steering wheel or halter on the back of dinosaur, rider control dinosaur’s walking direction! .

DINOSAUR LAY EGGS: (1).Filling Dinosaur Egg Toys(Dino Puzzle) inside dinosaur’s body (2).After operating, dinosaur lay eggs Client can sell dino eggs or offer free as memory gifts.

Interactive Dinosaurs

Dinosaur ride

Dinosaur Rides

Amongst interactive animatronic dinosaurs exhibition, there should be something interactive for guests. We create life-sized dinosaur with a control table, where they can control and explore dinosaur movements.
Easy to play!!!
It can be set as coin operated. That is to say, one coin insert, you can play 1 or 2 minutes.

Fossil Digging Site

Fossil Digging Site is an interactive event aiming to simulate a real dinosaur expedition project.

Kids will be equipped with special tools and outfits, trained by a ‘paleontology professor’: how to work carefully in an expedition area, how to handle the fossils they will find. Finally they will perform their skills in the field. Interesting, isn’t it?

Ddinosaur skeleton

Animal Fiberglass Item

Animal Fiberglass Item

Static Fiberglass Animal statue as outdoor or indoor landscape is popular. Fiberglass Dinosaur or Animal is almost decorated at any occasions such as amusement park, theme cafe, holiday resort, shopping mall, hotel……


Zigong chuangying animatronic dinosaurs net net each big simulation dinosaurs zigong manufacture factory, professional to provide various types of simulation dinosaur custom and simulation dinosaur rental service, the company pay attention to the exhibition and the culture and science and technology content of the product itself, and focus on product and audience interactive, entertaining and participation.In addition to product development and manufacturing, the company’s core is a set of mature marketing, innovative exhibition concept, and in a wide range of successful both at home and abroad, zigong liuzhou, culture and arts co., LTD., with independent import and export rights, can for import and export trade. Company also provides design, installation, transportation, scenery and after-sale one-stop service, sincerely hope that every customer can get the most satisfactory products.

Zigong Chuangying Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd!

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Our will trade animatronic prehistoric and animatronic creature designs roughly 2000 pcs yearly, the trade marketplaces distribute over 30 nations, in evaluation, we prefer to call them the artwares or handcraft.



If the supplier fails to ship your products on time or the product quality does not meet the standards set in your contract, will refund the covered amount of your payment.


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