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Realistic dinosaur costume and sculptures

Walking Dinosaur costume


(1) Size: 4.5m long dinosaur costume

(2) Weight: 21.5KG

Dinosaur costume with an eye blinking, tail swaying, neck to head can be drive as alive movement, with mouth open and close with 3 different dino sound powered by sound chips with rechargeable battery. Each dino costume have standard length of 4.5 meters well scaled.

Other Technical Specification: Puppeteer must well body build and height not less than 165 cm but not more than 180 cm. Maximum reachable height: If a 170 cm height puppeteer wear it, the dino puppet can reach 3m- 3.5m depends on dino puppet model. Head can bend down till ground. Skin texture is made up of high density foam, reinforce by a flexible fabric and multi coated by flexible rubber latex and some portion of silicon rubber. Drive mechanism structure are all stainless steel. Body structure are composed of alloy, FRP and poly carbonate sheets flat bars, with reinforcement of flexible ropes. Color can be OEM.

dinosaur suit
1, Description

1)Our mascot costume is in top quality and suitable for any occaion,such as New year, Carnival, Promotional Activities,etc.Now we have animal mascot costume,plant mascot costume,cartoon mascot costume and human mascot costume etc,welcome to order from us. If you need OEM mascot costume, please feel free to send picture to us, we can make new design.

2)The costume includes the head, the body, the hands and the feet.The head of the mascot are made of the FOAM and with net on the face to see out ,so the person can walk freely. And there is fan in the head to let air circulating.You will not feel uncomfortable to have it on for a long time.

real dinosaur costume

High Simulation Animatronic Walking Dinosaur Costume
When decorating the dinopark, or any other place, the clients would like to use the costume dinosaur to activate the atmosphere, because those animatronic dinosaurs can only do the movements set by the program, it will be stiff and rigid, so the client will assign one or more adults to operate the costume dinosaur, and can do more movements as their will, like walking and running around the people, then interact with the people, everyone will be involved in the scene, sometimes, the operator will control the costume dinosaur to do some thing to pretent to be a real dinosaur.

walking dinosaur costume

And the costume dinosaur can be used for stage shows, and especially in festivals, like carnival and halloween based on the tradtional customs, even using in some schools, for example, when a staff member dresses with a costume dinosaur, and walks into a special school, the kids immediately attracted onlookers and begin to discuss. “It is true? The costume dinosaur is so vivid as the book showing” “dinosaur comes, is it really a dinosaur!” “can I feel it right?” realistic dinosaur costume

In order to let the children feel and touch the ” costume dinosaur”, the staff member will have to mingle with the kids, make a variety or cute or funny expressions and movements, the kids will be absolutely amused with laughter from the audience. and even some kids with language barrier, when they see the costume dinosaur, they will happily dance. although some fear, but curious, the kids has been concentrating on watching at the costume dinosaur . walking dinosaur costume

walking dinosaur costume

walking dinosaur costume

life-size dinosaur costume



Dinosaur logo
Our will trade animatronic prehistoric and animatronic creature designs roughly 2000 pcs yearly, the trade marketplaces distribute over 30 nations, in evaluation, we prefer to call them the artwares or handcraft.



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