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Realistic dinosaur costume and sculptures

fiberglass mushroom sculptures for sale

fiberglass mushroom sculptures for sale

fiberglass mushroom sculptures for sale

simulation plants

simulation plants

Second step: manufacture of glass and steel sculpture FRP fabrication using hand lay-up approach. Prior to manufacturing will be based on the shape of the fiberglass mushroom sculptures, ease of molding and the release from the angle of departure, it is possible to mold a synthetic reproduction of several units. So forming a unit product, and then combine them into a whole. Finally, the article as a whole and dispose of paint, a glass and steel sculpture will manufacture complete.

The third step: mold manufacturing mold manufacturing is the key to fiberglass molded, fiberglass mushroom sculptures often used plaster mold making. A better fiberglass mushroom sculptures mold manufacturing way is to use a silicone rubber and glass fiber reinforced materials mold manufacturing approach. Detail of the mold manufacturing approach is: the prepared silicone rubber coated several times in the original drama mold, the silicone rubber layer should be more than 1 mm after. After cross linked silicone rubber in the silicone rubber molded and then the thickness of about 3 mm fiberglass layer. After the fiberglass curing unit block divided along the whole die cut, pay attention to the fiberglass layer and a silicone rubber layer at the same time cut when cutting. Manufacturing convergence between cell block rib, rib convergence should be set at the bit slot, to ensure cohesion through the ribs so that the unit block mold assembly as a whole. After completion of the above, the FRP cell block releasing, then take off the silicone rubber layer, silicone rubber blocks back off immediately fiberglass unit mold. Dust the original mold silicone rubber formulation → → → manufacture silicone rubber layer fiberglass layer segmented mold manufacturing → → → stripping Cohesion rib manufacturing and assembly mode.

fiberglass mushroom sculptures

realistic plants


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