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Realistic dinosaur costume and sculptures

giant life like robot flowers for park

giant life like robot flowers for park

giant life like robot flowers for park

Product name:  animatronic insect

Size: 6 meters or customized

Certificate: CE, Supplier Assessment(SGS), ISO 9001:2008

Guarantee: 24 months

Color: Customized or same as picture

Material: Steel, fiberglass, DC motor, etc.

Technique: Handmade,assemble

Advantage: Waterproof, weatherproof

Application: Museum, theme park, shopping mall, education, etc.

Customized: Available

life like insect statues

life like insect statues

Production Process:

Drawing → Frame welding → Motor wiring & Sensor installing → Anti-rust processing & Electrical appliance adjusting → Backing laying(sponge) & Shape sculpture → Texture carving & Skin making → Color painting & Finished products

robotic insect model sale

robotic insect model sale

Fossil Dimension: about 1 m (3 ft 3 in) long
Pisanosaurus (meaning “simulation dinosaur”) is a genus of primitive ornithischian dinosaur from the Late Triassic of what is now South America. It was a bipedal herbivore described by Argentine paleontologist Rodolfo Casamiquela in 1967. based on a single partial skeleton.Pisanosaurus was a small, lightly built dinosaur approximately 1 m (3 ft 3 in) in length. Its weight was between 2.27–9.1 kg.

Noasaurus was a small, meat-eating dinosaur. This animatronic dinosaur was about 6 ft (1.8 m) long. Noasaurus had a sickle-shaped claw on the second toe of each foot; this claw had a very wide range of movement, even wider than that of the raptor like T-rex is the earliest-known raptor. Partial fossils were found in Argentina, South America and named by paleontologists Bonaparte and Powell in 1980.


Name Means: “Abel’s lizard”

Period: The late Cretaceous period, 75-70 million years ago
Where: Patagonia, Argentina

Fossil Dimension: roughly 21 to 26 feet (6.5 to 7.9 m) long
Abelisaurus was a primitive (a bipedal, meat-eating dinosaur) weighing roughly 1500 kg. It is known from a 35 inch (90 cm) long incomplete skull named in honor of Roberto Abel (director of the Argentinian Museum of Natural Science) and was named by paleontologists J. F. Bonaparte and F. E. Novas in 1985.


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Our will trade animatronic prehistoric and animatronic creature designs roughly 2000 pcs yearly, the trade marketplaces distribute over 30 nations, in evaluation, we prefer to call them the artwares or handcraft.



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