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Realistic dinosaur costume and sculptures

High simulation resin lion statues

high simulation resin lion statues

high simulation resin lion statues

Lions used to live in south-eastern Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. Distributed in addition to the  areas throughout Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. During a glacial subspecies still survive in Central and North America before, but they disappeared after the Ice Age. Press reports at the time of scholars, to ancient Greece in the Balkans lions survive. Europe generally believed that the lion in the 1st century AD extinction due to human activity. Now in addition to India, Gill lion elsewhere in Asia have already disappeared. North Africa is no longer a wild lion on the prairie now mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, so basically can be regarded as a specialty of Africa.

high simulation resin lion statues

life size lion sculptures

Lions (English: Lion): short lion, Chinese ancient name. It is a survival of the big cats in Africa, Asia, the average weight of the largest extant cats, cats are also the only two states in the world, male and female.
Lion large size, uniform body, long limbs, toe feasibility. Large round head, short snout, vision, hearing, sense of smell are very developed. Canine tooth poles and split developed; on  with three prongs, tooth with 2 prongs; molars relatively degraded, crown diameter is smaller than the height of the lateral incisor. Soft fur. Front foot 5 toes, hind foot 4 toes; sharp claws. Tail more developed. “King of the prairie” in the title, is the top of the feline predators in Africa. Wild African lion average weight of 240 kg, a total length of up to 3.2 meters. Lion hair short, body colors are light gray, yellow or brown, male lion has long had a long mane has light brown, dark brown, black, etc., long mane has been extended to the shoulder and chest.
Live in savanna and grassland, also appeared in the bushes and dry forests. Meat, often ambush way to kill other warm-blooded animals. Distributed in the grasslands of Africa, Asia and India. In the wild lions live 10-14 years in captivity live longer, generally up to twenty years.



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