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Realistic dinosaur costume and sculptures

puppet dinosaurs costume sale

puppet dinosaurs costume sale

puppet dinosaurs costume sale

Price we can make products with customers’ can size and color.
Size long=3.8 m-4.8 m
Movement Mouth opens with a roar, Neck turns and oscillates, Body expands and contracts, Tails swings,

Eyes blink, Front limbs move.water effect ,smoke effect,fire effect walking .

Sounds animal alive sound,there has 7 kinds of dinosaur sounds to choose.
Color natural color , cartoon color or special color as per buyer’s requirement
Power 12 v ,it can use 5 hours for once performance.
Accessories Control Box ,speakers,sensor , maintenance materials
Included control, remote control, sensor infrared control, coin-equipment, control panel
Installation product which longer than 6 meters, we will send engineer to install. The seller: 3-5 engineers

will go to Destination and are responsible for installation. After the products arrive

in Destination, engineers start to fly to your country. Installation Duration: About one week.

The customers: who should pay following fees to the seller including engineers’ wage(USD 50 one

day each person)/Air tickets/visa cost/ accommodation and eating of engineers in Destination

and buy insurance for the engineers before the seller’s engineers set off.

Certificate CE & BV
Warranty period 12 month for control box.A new one will be sent to the buyer for free if it doesn’t work

within one year,the buyer only to afford the freight cost.Any reason make the product can not

use,we will try our effort to help the customer to solve the problem.

After service
Pictures All of the pictures are our last order’s product. Welcome to visit our factory and check the

company audit report .factory HD video,please see.

and visit the exhibited site.
dinosaur hand puppet

dinosaur hand puppet

From the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and puppet dinosaurs costume sale  it was informed by the researcher led the research team found in  Province in western China so far the largest size of feathered dinosaur fossils. Although this is a very primitive feathers feather type, a structure similar to the chick body hair, body feathers and birds differ, but this may subvert the traditional: feathers only in small dinosaurs.

This new Tyrannosaurus is named Gorgeous feather Wang Long, it is one of the largest size of western realistic dinosaur puppet  dinosaur ever found. According to researchers estimated that survival at about 120 million million years ago, Early puppet dinosaurs, adult body length of about 9 meters and weighing about 1.4 tons. Although it is much smaller than Tyrannosaurus, but smaller than the largest known feathered dinosaur “puppet dinosaurs costume sale” 40 times larger.

dinosaur finger puppets

dinosaur finger puppets

In the past decade, China’s western Province found a large feather prints beautifully preserved dinosaur fossils, these fossils so scientists believe the feathers of birds is not unique structure, with a similar number of small dinosaurs and birds more primitive feathers or feathers. Gorgeous feather Wang Long’s findings suggest that feathers are not only in the smaller of costume some large animal have the same feathers.

But Wang Long Gorgeous feather plumage, just very simple filaments, represents a very primitive feather types. Huge body, thin and young feathers – Obviously, this is not a feather to fly.

puppet dinosaurs

puppet dinosaurs

Scientists speculated that these may be important features of the original feather insulation. Scientists generally believe that in the past, giant dinosaurs for more effective heat dissipation, its surface is likely degraded feathers. WANG Gorgeous feather found on such a large Tyrannosaurus rex fossil feather prints is very incredible. said Wang Long Gorgeous feather discovery changed the previous scientific opinion feathers appear only in small animatronic dinosaur understanding, at least in life like dinosaur costume, the distribution may be quite extensive feather .

Xu said that the reason why Wang Long Gorgeous feather feather development, it may be related to the early Cretaceous climate-related. Researchers dinosaurs through which oxygen isotope analysis of teeth speculated Gorgeous feather Wang Long live the Early Cretaceous temperature is significantly lower than other Cretaceous period, when the climate may be similar to western Province now. In the cold winter, WANG Gorgeous feather feathers can help reduce heat loss. This phenomenon is similar to people familiar with the mammoth and woolly rhinoceros, in order to adapt to the cold climate, the development of the body surface thick hair to keep warm, but the tropical elephant faded fur.


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Our will trade animatronic prehistoric and animatronic creature designs roughly 2000 pcs yearly, the trade marketplaces distribute over 30 nations, in evaluation, we prefer to call them the artwares or handcraft.



If the supplier fails to ship your products on time or the product quality does not meet the standards set in your contract, will refund the covered amount of your payment.


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