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Realistic dinosaur costume and sculptures

simulation monkey statues for garden

simulation monkey statues for garden

simulation monkey statues for garden

Gorilla (scientific name: Gorilla): primates genus Gorilla apes in general. Two species – “East African gorilla” and “the West African gorilla.” All extant species of primates in the largest size, four-legged status shoulder height of 0.85 meters, 1.6-1.8 meters tall when standing. Gorilla standing up to 1.75 meters high, because gorillas can not really straighten the knee, so its going to be some actual length longer than the height. Large males than females body. 60-100 kg body weight is generally female, male 130-180 kg. Gorilla magnificent body, face and ears on the hairless forehead eye on often high. Mandibles than prominent cheekbones. Upper extremity than lower limb, Stretch your arms up around 2-2.25 meters. Artificial garden raised gorilla largest size is 230 kg, standing nearly 2 meters tall.

simulation fake antelope for exhibition

simulation fake antelope for exhibition

Coarse body hair, gray-black, dark brown hair group, aged male back into silver-gray, hairless chest. Lower back adult male with gray hair area. Gorilla coat is mostly black. Elderly (generally over 12 years old) male simulation monkey back silver hair color becomes, therefore they are also called “silver back”, silverback canines in particular. Mountain gorillas, especially long hair, and silk sheen. Gorilla main ABO blood type B, a small amount of A type. Gorillas, like people, have different fingerprints animatronic dinosaur.

Whenever a group action, the leader always lead the way ahead of the other members arranged in columns, orderly forward. If the leader died, the entire group will continue its sorrow for several months.

simulation monkey

simulation monkey have different sounds. They use these different sounds to determine the position of the members and other groups within their own group, as well as a threat to the sound. The famous percussion chest. Not only older stallion chest percussion, all the gorillas are tapping the chest. This estimate is used to represent the behavior of their position or to welcome the other.


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