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Realistic dinosaur costume and sculptures

The good dinosaur sculptures making process

the good dinosaur sculptures making process

Mechanical dinosaur, the mechanical dragons are in strict accordance with the “original version” – has been passed down from ancient dinosaur fossil record. plus in recent years scientists to create a new study has found.Skin elasticity.ways of joint activities and oscillation mode, characteristics,the good dinosaur is a system of stature. once the animatronic animal degree reached 90%.In addition to let out a scream of a thriller. their neck, head and mouth also can freely activities.This is because the dinosaur’s belly with head installed with large and small motor reducer. using a large amount of steel as a skeleton of a dinosaur. and steel is fixed on the ground.the good dinosaur skin using silicone material. similar to biological skin height.These dinosaurs components of more than thousand. the assembly process is very complicated, thus ensuring every movement is so natural.Make a mechanical dinosaurs to spend 3 months time.

the good dinosaur

T-rex dinosaur ride

Machine adopts steel dinosaur skeleton as dinosaurs stents.and three-dimensional processed with the sponge or foam dinosaur cortex.If you need to show vividly living dinosaurs, internal structure is very complex.want to reflect movements have to mount parts and motor. the good dinosaur to let the shapes of different sounds have to mount the control program, to make animal luminous eyes also have to mount on the light.This dinosaur of the cortex because it is made from soft material, so can make a lot of action.Such as: swing head, mouth open, front legs shaking, tail swing, send out the voice of terror in your mouth…The production of this products we called dynamic simulation dinosaur or simulation (SPC).

Mechanical dinosaurs can be used to organize rich activities, has brought the dinosaur fans a fresh, fun, and can understand the dinosaur family thriving scene, in the audiences to learn more knowledge of dinosaurs at the same time advocating for animal welfare protection earth ecological environment.



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