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Realistic dinosaur costume and sculptures

zigong dinosaur simulation in IAAPA

zigong dinosaur simulation in IAAPA

zigong dinosaur simulation in IAAPA

July 12, 2006, Asia’s largest playground industry exhibitions —– “IAAPA Asian Show”, the first Chinese to visit Shanghai.marking the Chinese high-tech smart tourism among the international advanced level. And with zigong dinosaur  hundreds of independent intellectual property rights.and China’s domestic and foreign patent. Tourist Town is the show’s most eye-catching highlights. Not only because the project was the largest at the show.but also the most representative of the domestic industry.dinosaur suit is currently under construction, the largest high-tech theme park.

zigong dinosaur

animatronic dinosaur park

The participants in the many recreational businesses in Tourist Town. animatronic dinosaur costume hall is most striking. In Shanghai  International Exhibition Center.the project to 18 booths in the exhibition area of the largest. but also the highest in the domestic industry. science and technology, with independent intellectual property rights.the most representative of the theme park. Huge sand table model of the scene 4 D theater. attracted many domestic and foreign counterparts to stop praise.

It is understood that, the world’s 10 most popular amusement park. zigong dinosaur in there five amusement park located in Asia. hundreds of millions of tourists. visit Asia’s largest walking dinosaur costume amusement park every year. the total amount of amusement park visitors in Asia. accounted for the global amount of amusement park visitors 41%. Tourist Town to rewrite this pattern will further enhance. the international competitiveness of Asian amusement park.
In the exhibition devoted to Tourist Town news conference. Deputy Mayor of china, an important role in the economic. belt along the Yangtze River of social. and economic development, from Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou. and other cities closer, strong regional impact, geographical advantages.Tourist Town is completed, will bring tourism until the entire length of the new. bright spot in region and vitality, is expected to travel patterns HUMANITIES accordingly formed.



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